“Life is not a destination but a journey.”

Travel has become one of the largest industries in the world. With technology increasing ever so rapidly more and more people are able to take advantage of destinations and exotic places that they would have never dreamed of say 30-40 years ago. Forget the corporations even thinking about company trips to far away places! Now with the influx of meeting and incentive capable cruise ships, convention size hotels, mega resorts and high tech conference centers companies are expanding their horizons and taking advantage of these products to reward or educate their associates. Even secondary cities that were never considered for an important meeting are revitalizing their downtown or harbor areas, increasing their infra-structure, re-marketing their beauty and historical significance and doing everything they can to get a larger piece of the meetings/conferences pie. Today the meeting planner has so many choices to pick from that it’s sometimes a full time job just to find that right location. As technology and travel evolved so did the concept and idea of site selection firms.

ProSites is a company born from the belief that full time meeting planners, assistants to executives, regional managers and even Presidents themselves have a need to find alternative, new and unique venues for their offsite meetings. With downsizing staff or the pressure of doing more with less time makes it difficult to find that right choice. The answer…..a quality professional meeting research firm that has a great reputation in the hotel industry with years of experience and attention to detail. That company is ProSites.

Pro Sites is a site selection firm dedicated to meeting planners of all kinds that want professional results for their particular group meeting or conference. ProSites strives to keep on top of industry changes. Because of our focus in the industry our knowledge of new hotels, acquisitions, recent renovations and seasonal deals are always current. We have excellent relationships with top Hotel National Sales Offices as well as those hidden gem independent hotels. How many times have you developed a relationship with a hotel or national sales rep and then 6 months later they are no longer employed in that position or their markets have changed? With our company you will always have that relationship. We do this for a living! In addition we have over 23 years of hotel, resort and restaurant experience which will compound your planning knowledge of hotels and buying power. Utilizing ProSites can provide you with competitive hotel rates, unlimited resources, real time information and win/win negotiations on hotel contracts!

Let us handle your legwork for you! It’s a great resource to you and your company and it’s absolutely free. We also can assist with other meeting planning priorities such as:

“Life is a Journey.” Let us help you plan that next course!

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