ProSites is dedicated to meeting all of your needs when planning your meetings. Although ProSites specializes in the complete site selection process we also have the professional capabilities of working with you on your airline, cruise and on-site needs as well.

ProSites experience and tenure in the business are limitless. Between our full service partners and the partners in our company we have well over 100 years experience in the hospitality/meeting planning business……with an average of 15 years experience individually per partner! That means your company will receive professional and educated assistance with hotel and resort resources worldwide, facility coordination, food and beverage planning and complete on site coordination of events.

We have learned over time that many meeting planners spend approximately 30-50% of their time just researching hotels, receiving and returning calls from soliciting hotels, reviewing and negotiating contracts and going to industry events to learn about new and refurbished hotel products in the market. And that is just the site selection part of their responsibilities! Tack on the complete planning of the event or meeting and they have a full time job on their hands. The majority of companies during these lean times in the 21st century cannot afford to hire full time meeting planners. That means that the majority of employees must plan a meeting in addition to their full time responsibilities. It only makes sense for these planners to outsource to firms that are experts in the industry to help them manage their time effectively.

In addition to the complete site selection services (that do not cost your organization by the way) ProSites can offer many other services to complete your on-site meeting needs:

  • Wholesale group air reservations
  • Cruise availability and rates
  • Theme parties and Events Coordination
  • Entertainment Booking
  • Full transportation services
  • Scheduling and implementing Site Inspections at Hotels and Resorts
  • Registration Services
  • Book Entertainment
  • On site Management of programs including name badges, room lists, Banquet menu planning, room list management, A/V coordination and reconciliation of billing
  • Providing full and part time staffing at events
  • Assist with room amenities
  • Business Etiquette and International Protocol Seminars
  • Consulting
  • Websites

Every program has a specific need. Let ProSites assist you with those needs so you can do the job right! We will help you focus on your responsibilities the way it was meant to be!

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